About us

It's easy to learn languages

To learn a foreign language, this is like dipping into another universe, a new culture.

A language, this is a complicated alchemy of letters which, while they form words, allow a sentence to originate. And every language has its own alchemy.

If you control the linguistic construction, then you do control foreign languages and new horizons will be opened to you.

As a long-standing administrative secretary within the " action Lëtzebuergesch Eis Sprooch”, I became conscious rather fast how important a good integration of our foreign fellow citizens is. And the use of a common language is irrefutably the impulse for a successful integration.

Because of his multilingual facility, the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg offers the ideal frame for the learning of languages. Dipped in this bath of accents and different languages, I have also got fun in foreign languages and to learn them. Therefore, I have created language.lu.

The Euro-Talk method

Putting on the market the first CD-ROM for the learning of the Luxembourgian language, I have contributed my part to the cultural year 2007.

Since that time, the variety of CD-ROMs has got rich around several languages, like, among others: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. On order, you can choose thus between more than hundred different languages and the whole in three steps: Beginner, Talk-More (intermediate) and Talk-Business (very good skills)

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